JillEEs your skin woes away..

My Story
I became interested in making my own skin care products when my skin became increasingly sensitive. As more and more irritation developed. I decided to research for a helpful alternative skin care remedy for my irritated skin.  With my background as a registered nurse I have a great affinity for natural healing remedies and so,  I set on the path to do some preventive care research for myself.   With the research  I did for skin care remedies l developed a more in-depth knowledge base about skin care with plants based ingredients. Ultimately, I have founded a deep appreciation of a plants ability to provide a plethora of nutrients.. vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidant that synergistically work to benefit our skin and wallah...you now have eco-friendly, handmade, plant-powered soaps and body products. Ready to provide you with what nature has to offer. Handmade and produced by me, JillEEs chemical-free. Truly, I wouldn't put something on your body that I wouldn't put on mine. Join me in my pampering your skin with nutritious recipes handmade with love. As always wishing you all wellness and beautiful glowing skin.