Sea Salt and Bentonite Clay Soap

                                                Do you want glowing skin? 

Here are 5/5 Great reasons to use Sea Salt and Bentonite Clay to aid in great skin health:  

Sea Salt -Can help draw out toxins. 

Sea Salt - The magnesium in sea salt may help reduce water retention. (i.e. Bloating) 

Sea Salt -Helps retains moisture in your skin  

Sea Salt- Helps kill bacteria and fungal skin infections. (i.e. acne, odor, dermatitis)'

Sea Salt -Helps to exfoliate and detoxify the skin. 

Bentonite Clay- Treats eczema, Psoriasis and similar skin conditions caused by fungal infections. 

Bentonite Clay -Unclogs and shrinks pores.

Bentonite Clay -Controls oil production.

Bentonite Clay -Draws out toxins.

Bentonite Clay- Exfoliates .

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